January 27, 2006

Funny Business

Josh Marshall has been doing some clever detective work (while I've been playing with the kids on the beach and getting sunburnt).

Seems the President of Reflections Photography deliberately scrubbed a picture of Bush and Abramoff from their archives.
Seems the President of Reflections Photography is a Bush supporter who has donated thousands to the cause.

But it's a funny way to do business, isn't it? You give wads of money to a political party then sit tight on a hot photo (or more likely photos) which must be worth a fortune to somebody right now. You have to wonder what sort of political favours Reflections Photography gets in return...?

And did someone from the White House ask her to scrub the photo? Scotty McLellan's not saying. But it is interesting that the president of Reflections Photography is using exactly the same talking point as the PResident of the USA, which is that the pictures are "not relevant".

It's a well-oiled machine that Karl Rove runs, isn't it? In more ways than one, too.

UPDATE: The whole meeting(s) with Bush and Abramoff is now being scrubbed from the Reflections Photography database. Who was it accused their opponents of "trying to re-write history"?

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