January 23, 2006

More US Scepticism On Bin Laden

Chris Floyd calls it a Goon Show:
Let's see now: President dropping in the polls; impeachment talk over illegal wiretaps gaining traction; majority of Americans now supporting withdrawal from Iraq; Abramoff scandal reaching into the White House; big push starting for war with Iran; the Bush gang reduced to defending their crime, deception and despotism with a last, threadbare card, the "terrorist threat".....

Why, yes, I think it's about time for a guest shot from Osama!

And so the deadly symbiosis between that dynamic, death-peddling duo, Bush and bin Laden, goes on. And as usual, the timing - even the wording - of the terrorist's bloviation falls, with eerie perfection, into lock-step with Bush's political needs...
Floyd says the only way Bush & Co can fully take control of the USA, as they are already doing, is by using threats like Bin Laden to generate a climate of fear.

Not one to be intimidated, Charles Sullivan tells his fellow Americans they are wasting precious time and resources "chasing down ghosts while the real terrorists continue to operate safely out of sight":
Like Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden is the smoke screen behind which the real terrorists operate. We must be wise enough to see beyond the mists of illusion that have been created to deceive us. We must be prepared to look in some dark places and to be shocked by the truth we find...

A deep understanding of US history reveals that nothing about America is what it seems. Behind the words recorded in our history books there are hidden histories that must be brought into the light for all to see. Only when this is accomplished will we know who is really running the government and committing acts of terror against innocent people everywhere.

There is considerable evidence that implicates the CIA, the FBI, as well as secret police forces in the murders of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, among others. Malcolm X and Dr. King were silenced by an assassins’ bullet when they were on the threshold of changing the nation’s power structure. It is a familiar story. Whenever anyone rises to threaten the status quo, they are assassinated, and always the work of a lone gunman...

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