January 24, 2006

Digby Goes Down

Digby gets the Blogger Blues:
I'm feeling down right now. I know I shouldn't... I'm down in the dumps, mostly because I am watching George W. Bush repeat his patented mantra for the 514,346th time. It's filled with lies, mischaracterizations and simple-minded gibberish, as always, and I'm watching it go out unfiltered, in its entirety, unchallenged by the media, no Democrats in sight, on every cable channel. I think they are personally trying to drive me crazy.

I don't know if it will work again. But I also don't know if I can take this campaign one more time. Five years of hearing the same thing over and over again and watching American sheeple fall for it over and over again is just too depressing. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to January 20, 2009 (and I'm of an age where rushing the future is no longer wise.) The day I no longer have to listen to one more word from this immoral, dishonest, incompetent, delusional prick will be the best day of my life.


Patel said...

The situation is something to be more than depressed about.

The Bill of Rights has effectively been suspended and the Constitution twisted into a tool for selective application. The Land of the Free is reduced to nothing of its kind because “9/11 changed everything” and the residents of the Home of the Brave have been told to get under their beds and stay there because “there is an enemy that lurks…” The veneer of higher moral values on the world stage has been shredded to expose America as the world most dangerous terrorist state which claims the God-given right to massacre countless unarmed men, women and children in wars of pre-emption – an indefensible illegal and inhuman activity where reason is no longer deemed necessary – an irrational fear of what the “enemy” could conceivably be capable of, based on our worst nightmare, is considered enough justification. The transfer of the title deed of the country to corporate interests will be complete with the appointment of Alito and one more corporate-friendly judge.

All through this the opposition has been non-existent or made weak arguments mainly because they have agreed with the ruling party that an irrational thing like a war-on-terror exists and that sporadic terrorism can be countered with military might. On the passage of some pro-corporation and anti-people legislation, the opposition has actually been complicit. The corporate owned media exists to cheer Bush on and twists facts and misinforms the public so that enough people remain fooled to enable the progress the Bush agenda of full and complete power. Megaphones are provided for pro-Bush speakers and microphones are switched off for all forms of descent.

America which always had a weak form of democracy at best, seems to be already past the point of no return to a single one-party fascist state. A misinformed population is reduced to voting for the best advertised candidate and hoping that his vote will actually be counted for the candidate he voted for. People who vote decide nothing; the people who count the votes decide everything. Voicing of descent in public is considered un-American and giving aid and comfort to the “enemy”.

I see no reason why anybody who was fighting for the return of sanity to American politics should not be very depressed right now. The world will not survive a WMD armed fascist state with world-conquering ambitions.

I apologize for the fact that my “comment” is so much longer than your post but I had to vent or explode.

gandhi said...

I had to vent or explode.

No problem, all venting welcome.

That's why I started this blog - it was either that or explode.

And that's why I can't give the damn thing up...


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