January 24, 2006

The GOP Goss

At HuffPo, A.L. Bardach has a good look at Ken Mehlman, with some juicy insider coffee talk, like this:
"The family can smell disloyalty from down the road," says a cousin of George W. Bush, who asks that her name not be mentioned so that she can continue attending family events at Kennebunkport and in Texas. "The slightest whiff of criticism, and you're out. Even in the family." On the other hand, she pointed out, loyalty is generously repaid.
Or this:
I ask the big question: What if Fitzgerald's leak investigation implicates the Vice President? For example, what if Cheney turns out to be Bob Woodward's source? Norquist's eyes widen but betray nothing. Quickly, he counters, sotto voce. "I heard it was [Richard] Armitage," he says, referring to Colin Powell's former deputy at the State Department.
Or this:
Asked if Alito will flip Roe v. Wade if he joins the Supreme Court, Norquist nods affirmatively.

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