July 07, 2006

FrankenBush vs. Osama bin Wolfman

From Alan Bisbort:
Bush is their Frankenstein monster now, and I think they secretly know it. They all created him. They took the brain of Rove, the black heart of Cheney, the guts of Bernie Kerik, the sexual ambiguity of Coulter/Gannon and swagger of Benny Hill and, voila, FrankenBush.

See the monster lurch toward a Constitutional crisis! See the robed lords recoil in horror, screaming for their creation to stop, even as he staggers toward Congress demanding new ways to destroy our institutions! See Justices Anthony Kennedy and retired Sandra Day O'Connor, both of whom sided with the 5-4 majority in the Gore v. Bush case of 2001, touring the country, shrieking, "No, no, what have we done?!"

They are just flies buzzing around FrankenBush's swollen head. He doesn't hear them. He still has that weird zoned-out smile on his face, that corncob up the ass strut, and he's headed straight for the National Archives to piss on the Declaration of Independence and the Louisiana Purchase!


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