May 06, 2007

Before You Can Love Iraqis You Have To Love Yourself

"If the United States leaves Iraq things will really get bad."

This appears to be the last remaining, barely-breathing argument of that vanishing species who still support the god-awful war. The argument implies a deeply-felt concern about the welfare and safety of the Iraqi people. What else could it mean? That the US military can't leave because it's needed to protect the oil bonanza awaiting American oil companies as soon as the Iraqi parliament approves the new written-in-Washington oil law? No, the Bush administration loves the people of Iraq. How much more destruction, killing and torturing do you need to be convinced of that? We can't leave because of the violence. We can't leave until we have assured that peace returns to our dear comrades in Iraq.
What's even more hypocritical is that many of those who are "loving Iraqis to death" also choose to blame the Iraqis for the fact that things are not improving. Vaya que gente!

How does someone wake up from such a state of mind? The guilt must be quite overwhelming, enough to keep them all in denial (at least for another three to six months, by which time things in Iraq will surely be improving... right?).

If you were a fervent Bush supporter, and a fervent Iraq War supporter, for the past four years, I guess the only way you could turn all that around (properly) would be to examine how and why you ever came to believe what you said you believed.

And if you took a really good look, you might find out that you had been lied to repeatedly by people in postions of power and authority, including many in the press. And that might make you angry, even if some wierd little part of you had been all too willing to accept those lies at face value.

So what would you do? Get angry at Bush, the GOP, or your local pastor? Get angry at the whole damned network of industrial military Big Money enablers behind Bush, or just give up on all sorts of government, everywhere, forever? Take a vow of silence and go live in the woods?

Or would you work to bring others like you across to reality, and spend some time and money trying to somehow repair at least a fraction of the damage you and your kind had done?


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