May 02, 2007

Innocents Abroad In Rough Neighbourhoods

This quote from George Tenet's new book deserves a bit of airplay:
"You guys just don't understand. This is a rough neighborhood."
-- Saddam to FBI agent, on why he pretended to have WMDs.
Most of the people who support Bush's stupid policies in the Middle East probably are not as stupid as they seem, they just have no idea what the f*@% they are talking about. They have no idea what life is like in a Third World country. They have a fantasized, glirified vision of war. Their understanding of other cultures is zero. They don't ever even try to imagine what really goes on in the Oval Office, or at Carlyle Group board meetings. They are just ignorant.

Unfortunately, the people who have been responsible for Bush's policies are also ignorant. The US government worked with Saddam (and Bin Laden) for years. There were no doubt many experienced people within the CIA and elsewhere who knew exactly what these people were like, how to handle them, and what to expect from them. Unfortunately, those people never formed part of the Bush administration Ship Of Fools.


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