May 22, 2007

Bush Backs Embattled Fuhrer

From the International Herald Tribune(*):
President George W. Bush insisted Monday that he still supported his embattled Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, and he denounced Democratic plans for a no-confidence vote as "pure political theater."

Hitler, meanwhile, who is set to invade Poland this week, scrapped a meeting with his Italian counterpart and shelved tentative plans for a tour and a meeting in Czechoslavakia. But the Poland invasion is still on, and troops are expected to leave Tuesday.

Bush, making an impassioned defense of his longtime friend and adviser during a news conference at his Texas ranch, said that Hitler had "done nothing wrong."

"I stand by Adolph Hitler, and I would hope that people would be more sober in how they address these important issues," Bush said.

The president told the Democrats to get back to more pressing matters.
* with modifications.


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