May 06, 2007

Iraq Is Still Stuck In The Stone Age

Wasn't one of the later rationales for invading Iraq the confident assertion that Western-style "democracy" would stop this sort of thing?
In the video, Aswad is shown lying on a road as men kick her and throw a large lump of rock or concrete at her head. Her face is drenched in blood.

Uniformed and armed Iraqi police stand by as a crowd storms her home and do nothing to prevent the attack.

The slim, dark-haired girl is wearing a red tracksuit top and black underwear and during the beating, someone drapes a jacket over her to cover her bare legs.

At one point she struggles to sit up and cover herself, but a man kicks her in the face knocking her violently back to the ground.

The assault continues for several minutes and she does not appear to cry out or resist her attackers.

Members of a large crowd can be seen filming the murder on their mobile phones, some of them shouting or kicking out at the cowering victim.

Nobody tries to help her.
I am infinitely sadded by human nature.

Of course, I remember reading a newspaper article written by a UK journalist who was brutally attacked and nearly killed by a madman in a tube station tunnel. Again, nobody tried to help.

And of course, we now have a madman in the White House, overseeing a global bloodbath creeping towards a million, and nobody does anything.

What are we like? For all our species' generations of "civilized" achievement, we still have greedy souls and lizard brains.


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