February 11, 2004

Bush at Sea - Does this war president have any idea what he's talking about? :

"President Bush seems to be vastly enlarging his doctrine of pre-emptive warfare. This doctrine originally declared that the United States has the right to attack a hostile power that possesses weapons of mass destruction. The idea was that we must sometimes strike first, in order to prevent the other side from striking us.

"Now, however, the president is asserting a right to strike first not merely if a hostile power has deadly weapons or even if it is building such weapons, but also if it might build such weapons sometime in the future...

"Second, unless the president is defining the 'capacity to make a weapon' in an extremely loose sense, David Kay said nothing of the sort. When Kay said he'd concluded that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction in the months leading up to the war, he elaborated with this comment: 'We don't find the people, the documents, or the physical plants that you would expect to find if the production was going on.'

"No people, no documents, no physical plants—it doesn't sound like much 'capacity.'"


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