February 21, 2004

What About The Iraqis? The Body Count is not 500, it's 10,500:

"In international law, countries that wage wars of aggression must pay reparations. Yet in Iraq, this logic has been turned on its head. Not only are there no penalties for an illegal war, there are prizes, with the US actively and openly rewarding itself with huge reconstruction contracts. When the reconstruction spending has attracted controversy, it has not been over what is owed to Iraqis for their tremendous losses, but over what is owed to European corporations and to American taxpayers.

'This war profiteering is poison to America, poison to Americans' faith in government and poison to our allies' perception of our motives in Iraq,' John Edwards said in December. True, but he somehow failed to mention that it also poisons Iraqis - not their faith, or their perceptions, but their bodies. "


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