February 29, 2004

BuzzFlash Stays On The Case For 9/11 Panel:

"As BuzzFlash has pointed out many a time, Condi Rice has admitted that she and Bush were briefed in the summer of 2001 that Al-Qaeda was planning to hijack planes as part of a terrorism campaign. She claims, however, that she and Bush were not told that they might fly them into buildings.

As BuzzFlash has also pointed out, the press failed to press Rice on one key point: the way you prevent a hijacking that results in planes being flown into buildings is the same way you prevent hijackings in general. So what did she and Bush do to prevent hijackings after the summer 2001 briefing?

Nothing. In fact, Bush went on a month-long vacation to Crawford, Texas."

Now House Speaker Dennis Hastert has refused to allow Congress to extend the life of the 9/11 Commission. The Commission needed more time because the White House keeps stonewalling them.


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