February 18, 2004

Is It Worth Considering Alternatives to Voting Kerry?:

"In the run-up to November, the argument is being made that the fight against the Republican administration of George W. Bush can only be waged by supporting the Democratic Party. This is a perspective that ignores the lessons of history, which demonstrate conclusively that the interests of the working class cannot be defended through the Democratic Party. It also overlooks the fact that the financial and corporate elite in America rule through a two-party system, assuring themselves dominance and the defense of their interests whether the Democrats or Republicans control the White House."

Gandhi: It's a fair comment, taken from a Socialist website. Kerry certainly does represent a lot that is wrong with the USA, but surely the objective today must be to vote Bush out as a matter of urgency. Kerry, shackled by the need for support within his own party, simply cannot be as bad as Bush. His own party would not let him get away with it.

So I think the strategy for anyone who is against Bush should be to keep campaigning for Bush's impeachment, if not imprisonment, and keep attacking him even after the next election, even if he is out of office, to ensure his illegal escapades come into the clear light of day and can never be repeated. But in the meantime, take a deep breath, and vote Democrat. You can go straight back to your other parties as soon as Bush is gone.


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