February 25, 2004

FOX News Analyzes Dubya's Dilemma

Fox News correctly realizes that "Bush appears headed for disaster."

But their analysis of the reasons makes interesting reading:

"Why? Not because of his failures, but because of his successes. His victories in the War on Terror have lowered the relevance of this crucial area of his competence."

So what is their advice for their good mate George?

"The key is for Bush to heighten the saliency of terrorism as an issue..."

Hmmn. Maybe the CIA should start another secret bombing campaign in NY and LA...

The article by Dick Morris goes on to explain that "it is the result of Bush's vigilance that we are all fat and happy enough to see optional issues as more important than the national preservation"

And the staggering conclusion for this wonderful article on the beloved (P)resident?

"Success extinguishes his mandate."

Fair and balanced??? You be the judge.


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