February 27, 2004

Political crises always seem to produce some nice prose..:

From The Guardian:

"... And at that moment he hears the loathed and strangulated Black Country vowels of a voice he had hoped would never impinge on his eardrums again. It is Clare Short and her words make a blowtorch of rage play on his heart. 'Yes, absolutely,' she says, or more accurately, 'yus, absowlootely.'

A fine spray of toast, butter and marmalade lands on the striped upholstery of the Georgian chairs, and the priceless rug, sewn by blind eight-year-olds in the former Soviet state of Filthistan, a gift from the president, is drenched in Earl Grey...

Even now he finds it hard to contain his fury. Her remarks were "highly irresponsible". Conversely, they were "deeply irresponsible". They were also "entirely irresponsible" as well as being "completely irresponsible".

Someone asked whether Ms Short should be prosecuted for a breach of the Official Secrets Act. "She was totally irresponsible.. "


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