February 10, 2004

Skulls And Bones

From the Financial Times:

"John F. Kerry, Howard Dean, George W. Bush and Joe Lieberman all have something in common, and it is not merely that they spent January running for president. They are all Yale men.

"But then, Bush versus Clinton was also a Yale-versus-Yale event. A Yale graduate has occupied the Oval Office for a decade and a half now. Assuming Hillary Rodham Clinton (Yale Law School, 1973) is all some of her fans hope, the reign of Yale could stretch to 2012 and beyond.

"Observers have tended to argue that the number of Yalies on the political stage reveals something shameful: that the United States is, as long suspected, dominated by moneyed dynasties. The fact that some of the politicians (Kerry and both Bushes) belonged to a Yale senior society, Skull and Bones, seems to underscore the claim of exclusivity. "

[More about the Skull and Bones club shortly... - Gandhi]


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