February 06, 2004

These Are The Kind Of Idiots Who Will Vote For Bush

KSL News: Utah Lawmakers Want Out of United Nations:

"SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- The Utah House of Representatives voted Monday to urge Congress to withdraw from the United Nations, asserting the organization was a threat to American sovereignty.
It was a victory for state Rep. Don Bush, who for years has been trying to find approval for a nonbinding resolution expressing Utah's will to the president and Congress. A year ago his resolution was put on hold as President Bush unsuccessfully sought U.N backing for an invasion of Iraq.

"This time the Utah House voted 42-33 in favor of 'freeing the nation from a large financial burden and retaining the nation's sovereignty to decide what is best for the nation and determine what steps it considers appropriate as the leader of the free world in full control of its armed forces and destiny.' "


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