February 10, 2004

Sex, Lies and the Bush Cartel - A BuzzFlash Editorial:

"Neil, the President’s younger brother, recently divorced his wife of over 20 years because he was having an affair with a woman who was a volunteer for his mother. He has proposed to the new woman. Even better, the divorce proceedings discovered that while traveling on business during his marriage, Neil was often visited by women who 'just showed up to have sex with him.' That's right, they just unexplainably knocked on his door when he was traveling overseas, offered to have sex with him, according to Neil, and then left the room. He obliged.

"Recently, Neil was ordered to undergo DNA testing to determine if he fathered a child by a woman with whom he was having an affair.

"Then there were all those rumors about Poppy Bush and a young female aide who would travel with him during many of his Vice-Presidential trips. Somehow, she disappeared when the press tried to question her about the allegations. Were she and Poppy Bush involved in an abstinence only relationship? And what did Barbara have to say about it?

"And, of course, rumors of romps with a Florida state official continue to haunt Jeb Bush.

"With this going on in his own family, the President boldly proclaims his vow to 'preserve marriage' through abstinence outside of marriage."


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