March 17, 2006

Americans Support Censure, Impeachment of Bush

When Senator Russ Feingold introduced a move to censure George W. Bush this week, Republicans lampooned his efforts and the media obligingly span that as the main story. Democrats buried their heads in the sand.

Meanwhile, the American Research Group asked 1,100 Americans:
Do you favor or oppose the United States Senate passing a resolution censuring President George W. Bush for authorizing wiretaps of Americans within the United States without obtaining court orders?
The results show most Americans favour censoring Bush:
46% in Favour
44% Oppose
10% Undecided
The stats on impeachment are about the same, with 42% in favour.

As Feingold says:
I think that the press decided immediately that somehow this was a bad thing for Democrats and a good thing for conservatives. The facts don't bear it out.
So let's all hold our breath and watch for the press to pick up the real story, shall we?

UPDATE: Food for thought from a previous post:
How on earth do you tell the truth about what the Bush administration has been doing for the past five years or more, without coming across as (basically) a complete, raving and presumably Commie-loving lunatic?

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