March 18, 2006

Frank Carlucci: Rumsfeld's Role Model

After reading the post below, you might want a bit more information on Carlyle Group leader Frank Carlucci, a former Secretary of Defence and close friend of Donald Rumsfeld.

CopWatch, Nonviolence USA has some good links and info, including this from Counterpunch:
Carlucci then made the transition to a procurer of new weapons as Deputy Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration under Caspar Weinberger from 1981-83. During this time, in response to wide-spread criticism of Pentagon waste and mismanagement, Carlucci developed proposals (known as the "Carlucci Reforms") to rationalize the process of weapons procurement. However, Carlucci's policies did not lower costs. They did, apparently, offer new start-up companies the opportunity to get involved in DoD pork, something that the Carlyle Group would take advantage of later on.

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