March 20, 2006


The issue of impeachment is one of the three main threads grabbing headlines with relation to the third anniversay of the illegal invasion of Iraq. The others main threads are the continuing (and tiresome) debates on whether the war is going well or not (it's not) and whether or not the media should be calling it a "Civil War" (who cares what you call it?).

Dick Cheney insists the insurgency is still in its "last throes" - ten months after he first made that ridiculous statement. Former Iraqi PM Allawi says:
If this is not civil war, then God knows what civil war is.
The Sunday Times covers impeachment. If you can sift through the dismissive attitude, you might even find some interesting facts in here.

In fact, while it's great to see impeachment and censure getting big-time media coverage (thanks largely to Russ Feingold's call for censure), the media is almost wholly dismissive.

Let's show them,eh?

By the way, I am told I sometimes come down a bit too hard on fellow anti-Bush types, particularly in the USA, so I am pleased to say a big THANK YOU AND BRAVO! to all the anti-war protestors who marked the third anniversay of the invasion with news-grabbing events around the globe. Pics here.

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