March 16, 2006

Josh Marshall Opposes Impeachment

Disappointing. Marshall says impeachment is a shortcut for oversight:
Impeachment is for a president who won’t allow Congress or the courts to exercise their constitutional powers. But we’re not there yet because Congress hasn’t tried.
While he accepts that the GOP-controlled Congress has a dismal record on opposing Bush, Marshall puts his faith in a Democrat-controlled Congress (post-November) doing the job.

But given the Democrats own appalling record to date, I cannot share Marshall's optimistic outlook. I guess Josh is still a registered Democrat...

Marshall says impeachment represents "a grand evasion, a sort of political escapism" and as such is "too easy". Anyone who knows Josh's blog will be aware of his seriously strong work ethic, so maybe it's no surprise he is advocating the hard road of slogging through one electoral victory after another. But personally I think that, in the current situation, impeachment is simply the last real option left. And it's (at least potentially) quick.

Are we really supposed to wait until November hoping for a Democratic Congress, then wait till that Congress does - what? - to stop Bush in his tracks? And even if such a Congress could block Bush & Co from further abuses of power, what about accountability?

Still, if Marshall has more concrete proposals for a Democrat-led Congress agenda, I would like to hear them. Maybe he should run for office?

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