March 24, 2006

Over To You, Helen...

After asking a simple question that made headlines around the world, Helen Thomas goes back to the office and writes her column:
I hark back to the Vietnam War when President Lyndon B. Johnson called the war's detractors "nervous nellies" and, like Bush, denounced those who would "cut and run."

Johnson agonized over the war's casualties, a sadness that was aggravated by his realization that we were losing the war. I covered him when he waited on the tarmac for planes bringing home the wounded soldiers from Vietnam.

Johnson did not hesitate to let the reporters know that he was on an emotional roller coaster and undecided on what was best for the country. He had to face thousands of protesters -- not every few months, but every day as they marched in front of the White House.
Click here for the Helen Thomas archive at the Boston Channel.

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