March 22, 2006


According to ABC News:
After two months of hearings the Cole inquiry has heard the strongest evidence yet indicating the Government was warned about AWB kickbacks prior to the UN Volker inquiry. A cable from Australian diplomats in Baghdad dated June 2003 said the CPA oil-for-food office believed that from late 2000 all oil-for-food contracts contained kickbacks to the Saddam Hussein regime.
Prime Minister John Howard says he has no recollection of ever seeing the cable.
"There seems to be an assumption that I spend all day, and Mr Downer spends all day, reading the hundreds of individual cables that come from all over the world," he said.

"The reality is that those cables come in and those that have a particular urgency and should be brought to my attention are brought to my attention, but the great bulk of them aren't."
Well, Mr Howard, either you saw the cable or you didn't.

If you saw it, and did nothing, then you should step down.

If you didn't, then you must fire the staffer who failed to alert you to this very important issue.

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