March 10, 2006

Truth, Lies and Heroism

As the US government re-examines the official lies surrounding Pat Tillman's death, Ted Rall takes another look at the inspiring political legend of Flight 93:
What happened to United 93? There was almost certainly a passenger uprising. Did it succeed? Probably not...

The plane had already crashed at 10:03. But the regional air traffic control center in Cleveland asked the FAA whether military fighter jets should be dispatched at flight at 9:36, giving the Air Force more than enough time to intercept before the fatal plunge into the field at Shanksville. Was United 93 shot down, despite the official story?

Local media accounts offer some evidence of that possibility...

Seats and bones don't fly two and a half miles from a crash. Their location could indicate an initial explosion, such as that from a missile hitting a plane.

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