March 10, 2006

The Name Of The Rose

For the kings of global capitalism, the solution to the Dubai ports impasse was pretty much a no-brainer. They are now going to either set up a wholly US-owned susidiary or sell out completely and cash in. Well, that's how it sounds to me. Poetic justice would demand that Halliburton buy out the contract, wouldn't it?

And BTW this is another example of sneaky politics:
The House Appropriations Committee Wednesday added a measure to block the deal to a must-pass war-funding bill. The vote on the bill was 62-2. A full House vote on the bill is expected to pass overwhelmingly next week.
In a similar vein, it has been announced that Abu Ghraib will finally close down (congralations to SBS TV's Dateline program for providing the final straw with the latest release of photos). But will really it make a difference? Operations will be transferred to Camp Cropper, a detention facility in the U.S. military headquarters base at Baghdad airport, not far from Abu Ghraib.
At present, U.S. forces are holding 14,589 people in four jails in Iraq. More than half are at Camp Bucca, in the south.
I am sure they all terrorists.

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