March 15, 2006

Killing The Public Broadcasting Messenger(s)

Is it just me, or is it more than just a bloody coincidence that the British government is ripping into the BBC at exactly same time and in exactly the same manner as the Australian government is ripping into the ABC?

This kind of orchestrated, international copycat politics seems to be occurring more and more these days, particularly during election campaigns (for example, John Howard's son was involved with the Bush/Cheney 04 campaign).

When we talk about unhealthy monopolies and price-fixing business cartels, we should not overlook their political equivalents.

It's all part of the globalization of politics (barf bag warning). We political "consumers" in Western countries are being offered the same bland political "products" with slightly different brandings.

To combat the trend, we activists need to take a similarly globalized approach. For example, has details, including a link to the Movement for Global Justice.

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