May 18, 2006

Australia's Big Brother Is Called Uncle Sam

When you hear that the USA and Australia have signed an "anti-terrorism pact", you probably shrug it off as a load of political crap. But you shouldn't.

Thomas O'Connell, US assistant secretary of defence, says it is a "significant" step that paves the way for sharing "more sensitive, proprietary information". We are talking about "combined research and development across technology areas and activities in battling terrorism".

Don't let that word "terrorism" fool you, folks. Terrorism means whatever you want it to mean these days. Just like "freedom" and "democracy".
It enables the United States to "tap into Australia's extensive technological, intelligence and special operations capabilities to better serve war fighters and first responders on the front lines against terror".
What does all that crap mean? You may never know. But given that the information being shared in the USA today invoilves private citizens' telephone records, this should scare the Bejesus out of all Australians.

But it wont.


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