May 17, 2006

Tsk, Tsk! Where Are The Values?!

I am just so-o-o outraged by this GOP hypocrisy! Here's Mimi Miyagi's Wikipedia entry. Wouldn't you know it, she is a self-made businesswoman as well as a porn star. Oh, and she is a "webmistress" who can write a whole document by herself. But her real talent is, um... well, go read it for yourself if you are interested.
"I have nothing left to hide," she said. "My slogan is, 'I'm bare and honest at all times.'"
Mimi's bod (sorry, I mean bid) for GOP Governor of Nevada will be opposed by the Democratic candidate Leola "Muscles" McConnell, a Las Vegas bodybuilder who prefers the term "domina" to dominatrix.

On a final note, it is surely pure coincidence that Ms Miyagi has a new film coming out shortly. God Bless America, home of the real whacko whack jobs... On the other hand, she couldn't be worse than Bush and Shwarzenneger, could she?

PS: Yes, yes, I know I am getting off-topic here! The funny thing is that these kinds of stunts have more real honesty, in the end, than so much of the day-to-day politics that drags you to your knees.


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