May 25, 2006

Tony Blair's Son Set To Be Tapped For Skull And Bones

My Way and the New York Post:
SOMETIMES the apple does fall far from the tree. British Prime Minister Tony Blair's eldest son, Euan, has shunned politics - walking away from a gig as an intern at a congresswoman's office - to pursue a master's degree at Yale. And he's going for free on a full scholarship, The Post's Lukas I. Alpert reports. The younger Blair left the internship after just two weeks at the D.C. office of Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.). Some say Blair left because he found the work "boring," while others say he found Harman's office too left-wing. So now Euan is off to study international relations at the prestigious Ivy League school where President Bush and former President Clinton studied.


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