May 26, 2006

Nobody loves a neo-con:
Douglas J. Feith's table at the Georgetown University faculty club is shaping up as a lonely one.

The move to a teaching position at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown by Mr. Feith, a former Pentagon official, set off a faculty kerfuffle, with 72 professors, administrators and graduate students signing a letter of protest, some going as far as to accuse him of war crimes.
This is a place that happily accepted George "Medal of Honour" Tenet, so Douglas "stupidest guy on the face of the earth" Feith is sure sucking floor here.
In an interview on Wednesday, Mr. Feith said he welcomed debate "in a proper, civil and rigorous way." But he called the accusations that he had politicized intelligence, advocated torture and attacked the Geneva Conventions as "false," "flatly false" and "outrageous."
Sorry, Doug, the evidence is against you:
Joining the Bush administration in 2001, he set up two Defense Department units that have drawn scrutiny. One was the Office of Special Plans, which took the lead in the Pentagon's preparation for a postwar Iraq, planning that has been widely faulted.

Mr. Feith also oversaw the Counterterrorism Evaluation Group, a small unit of intelligence analysts who examined possible links between Mr. Hussein and Al Qaeda. Although the Central Intelligence Agency disputed such ties, Mr. Feith's group produced a classified report that argued that the links were clear.
I wonder what the students think of him?


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