May 29, 2006

Bush Can't Wipe The Smirk From His Face

Capitol Hill Blue asks whether Bush's "new humility" is real...
"The unrepentant, stay-the-course, brash Bush would just look completely out of whack with reality and doesn't serve any purpose for him at this point," Taylor said.

"This repentant Bush is politically necessary for him to climb out of the hole and shore up some of the character qualities that Americans once saw in him as positive -- that he is an in-charge, in-control guy."
... then pretty much answers the question by revealing that Bush's recent expression of regret was a scripted response to a planted question:
"Of course, it was very rehearsed, everything from the mannerisms you saw, the upwards glance up at the ceiling for inspiration," Wolffe says. "And for me, the big giveaway was at the end of that answer-I don't know if you could see it on camera, but the president flashed a big grin to those of us sitting in the front rows. It didn't seem that he was quite as contrite as his performance."

According to multiple sources, Blair planted the question with British reporters leaving England and informed the White House. Both Blair and Bush had scripted responses to the question and it was pre-determined that the question would be recognized so he could ask the question.


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