May 31, 2006

Civilian Deaths Are Just So-o-o Embarrassing!

The recklessless of US troops in Iraq poses a difficult problem for Iraqi politicians who are trying to win over public support on the one hand, while staying close to Washington with the other. Today the new Iraqi PM says he is sick of US excuses over civilian deaths:
"We are worried about the increase in 'mistakes'. I am not saying that they are intentional. But it is worrying for us," Nuri al-Maliki told Reuters in an interview...

"There is a limit to the acceptable excuses. Yes a mistake may happen but there is an acceptable limit to mistakes," Mr Maliki said.

"We will ask for answers not only about Haditha but about any operation ... in which killing happened by mistake and we will hold those who did it responsible."

Many Iraqis believe unjustified killings by US troops are common, though few have been confirmed by investigations.
Maliki also said he was ready to use force against the "criminal, terrorist gangs" who currently control Basra (often cited as a beacon of hope due to its relative peacefulness, mind you). That should be interesting...


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