May 24, 2006

Mission Accomplished

Via The Raw Story:
Tony Blair and George Bush will announce that they are to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq at a summit in Washington as early as this week, RAW STORY has learned.

The process has already been carefully choreographed in an attempt to bolster the popularity of both Bush and Blair who have suffered domestically for their handling of the war.

The scope of the phased withdrawal, which will see the 133,000 US force levels cut to around 100,000 by the end of the year and British numbers almost halved, has already been agreed, one senior defence source said.
The Bush Boyz are set to declare mission accomplished and pull out, it seems. Well, not quite. Cutting down troops and sending others to massive bases while you finish building a 104-acre "Embassy" in the middle of Baghdad is hardly a pull-out, but the press will happily pretend it is. And all those soldiers, whose return home in flag-draped coffins was so carefully ignored, will be celebrated endlessly as they embrace the kids who don't know who they are any more, the wife who has "moved on" but didn't have the heart to say it...

Bush and Blair will declare Mission Accomplished and the anti-war critics will scoff. But they will be right. They have installed a puppet government and ensured a large US military presence in Iraq for years to come. Iraqi oil will remain in the hands of Cheney's friends, even as they continue trying to stop those pesky insurgents.

The world will forget Iraq - we are so tired of it already, aren't we? - just as we forgot Afghanistan. The boys on the Carlyle Group board will sit back and sip another cognac and toast their loyal servants, Bush and Blair, for a job well done.

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