May 19, 2006

Molly Ivins loses the plot:
It seems to me pointless to impeach Bush. In the first place, the Republicans so trivialized impeachment into partisan piffle, it would look like little more than payback. In the second place, I believe Dick Cheney is seriously off the rails; apparently deeply paranoid -- let's not put him in charge.

The minimum we should expect of Bush in return for dropping impeachment (or not) is that he cease breaking the law.
I am a big fan of Ivins, but this week's column makes no sense to me whatsoever. For example, nobody is talking about impeaching Bush without also impeaching Cheney and launching a full-scale, independent enquiry that will bring the whole administration to its knees.

There cannot be real Democracy without Accountability. Too many of these media Democrats are all too prepared to "move on" with business as usual. It just won't work.


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