December 15, 2006

Anti-war Activists: On To Afghanistan?

Here's Ted Rall today:
In the new reality-based reality, the difference between anti-war radicals and rabid neocon warmongers is that the latter would rather wait 18 months--as opposed to, say, an hour from now--before getting the hell out. Only nine percent of the public still thinks we can pound the resistance into submission, but who cares? Anyone that dumb is likely to die in some Darwin Award-nominated accident before he gets a chance to express another opinion.
That's just the intro. The full article is actually about how the Afghan War is also being lost, which is surely the Next Big Untold Story.

Along the way, Rall makes a pretty bold statement:
Afghanistan had nothing more to do with the attacks or the war on terror than Iraq.
Well, there is certainly some truth in that, from an ordinary Afghani's perspective anyway. On the other hand, Afghanistan did harbour Bin Laden (and offered to hand himn over to the USA: imagine how much "blood and treasure" would have been saved if someone had taken up that offer).


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