December 14, 2006

Kitty Does Oprah

I always wondered why such a high-profile black person as Oprah never dissed the Bush team. Looks like Kitty Kelly is about to explain:
Kitty has had plenty of turn-downs from editors and publishers who are afraid even to speak with her after they know about her latest project. But rumor has it that the Crown publishing house will allow Kitty to forge ahead giving Oprah the same treatment that she gave Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, the Bush dynasty and the British royals.
Kitty Kelly has a bad reputation in the USA, but I have never seen anything to fully explain it.

Her Bush family biography "The Family" was roundly dissed by every major US media outlet, and the Bushes denounced it as trash without ever deigning to refute any of the major claims in the book (and there are pleanty of them). It is actually a very well-researched, informative book. I thoroughly recommend it to any readers.


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