December 21, 2006

Condi Rice: Child Prodigy or Stupid, Lying Bitch?

Half a million dead, a nation in tatters, a region in turmoil. But rather than acknowledging her complicity in the disaster, Condoleeza Rice keeps trying to wash the blood from her hands:
"The old Middle East was not going to stay," Dr Rice said on Tuesday. "Let's stop moaning [about] the old Middle East. It was not so great and it was not going to survive anyway."
And she is still clinging desperately to the WWII analogies:
"Go back and put yourself in that time," she said. There were "things that could have gone very badly and thrown the whole beginning of the Cold War in a completely different direction", she said, ticking off the gains made by French communists, the civil war in Greece, the victory of Chinese communists and other foreign policy setbacks.

"Does it look that much better than it looks now in the Middle East? I don't think so," Dr Rice said. "When you are at the beginning of a big historical transition, it's very tough."
Yeah, Condi, it's hard work trying to invent a new excuse for another version of the Cold War, isn't it? But one day Halliburton, Lockheed Martin and all the other corporate giants of the US military-industrial complex will thank you for a "heckuva job".

Meanwhile, Condi is throwing the "old" Middle East in the basket with "Old Europe":
"But that Middle East was going to break down ... One way or another it was going to come apart."
If I came home from work and my kids had intentionally set fire to the house, I'd be furious with them. But if they then had the Chutzpah to tell me "it was going to burn down anyway, one of these days"... Grrr!!!


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