December 21, 2006

Bush: Acknowledging Reality Would Damage My Legacy. Therefore, I Will Not Acknowledge Reality

Or should that be:
A naked emperor would be highly embarrassing. Therefore, I must be wearing clothes.
Anyway, here's Bush today:
"Failure in Iraq will condemn a generation of young Americans to permanent threat from overseas. Therefore, we will succeed in Iraq."
What nonsense. First of all, is it really true that a US withdrawal from Iraq would create a lasting terrorist threat to the USA? Only if groups like Al Quaeda somehow took over the country, explointed the oil resources for profits, and used those profits to attack the USA (forsaking their primary goal of an Islamic caliphate across the Middle East).

Secondly, even if you go along with that mad logic, it doesn't mean that continuing to pursue failed military policies is going to achieve the outcome you desire.

Mind you, Bush is still keeping his options open on the "surge" nonsense:
"I have not made up my mind. There has to be a specific mission that can be accomplished with more troops before I agree on that strategy."
It seems Bush is being forced to re-think the "surge" tactic because too many US military commanders on the ground in Iraq oppose it. Stay tuned for more.


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