December 17, 2006

Tony Blair: Nothing Left But Spite

Tony Blair stabs Gordon Brown (and his own Labor Party) in the back by leaking a "secret memo" which was quite obviously designed to inflict damage on Brown's election campaign.

Blair is now escaping his latest, damning domestic troubles with the all-purpose, get-out-of-jail-free trip to Baghdad. Have you noticed how many of the war-mongers suddenly go to Baghdad whenever politics at home get uncomfortable? You can pretend the trip was pre-planned, but had to be kept secret. And nobody can give you a hard time when you are putting your life on the line, right?

What a tosser.

Mind you, Brown deserves what he gets for dancing with the devil so damned long.

UPDATE: Blair has made some very powerful enemies as this SMH article explains:
Mr Blair refused to offer public or even private backing to Lord Levy, who helped secure £14 million ($35 million) in secret loans for the Labour Party before the 2005 election...

In Turkey, at the start of his Middle East tour, Mr Blair was asked if Lord Levy should remain as his special Middle East envoy.

He replied: "No matter how many different ways you want to draw me into it [cash for honours] I'm not getting drawn into it." Asked why Mr Blair did not back Lord Levy, his spokesman said: "Because he did not want to get involved in answering questions on loans. He wants to concentrate on the substance of this visit."
The difference between the UK and US media will be on display here, as British papers hold Blair to account on this unfolding disaster.


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