December 12, 2006


Bush is still saying History will vindicate him, but "I'll be dead when they get it right."

George, the only way History will ever vindicate you is if Dick Cheney's US Fascist Superpower ever comes to fruition and a new generation of neocons re-write all the history books.
Outside Republican sources report that except for isolated pockets of realism, the West Wing bunker hasn't yet absorbed Bush's diminished power.

"The White House is totally constipated," a former aide complained. "There's not enough adult leadership, and the 30-year-olds still think it's 2000 and they're riding high."

One White House assistant insisted to a friend last week that the election was merely a repudiation of Bush's execution, not his policies.

"They don't get it," a GOP mandarin snapped. "The Iraq report was their brass ring to pivot and salvage the last two years, and they didn't grab it."
Can't you see the headlights, George? Can't you hear the rumble of a distant, angry thunder? Even your own party is running away from you.

You and Cheney are completely alone now:
We are going to see approval polls in Nixon territory probably by Feb. We are looking at historic lows and how will the DC world react?

I look for the White House to be surrounded by sandbags and barbed wire by spring with Bush and Cheney holed up inside like Howard Hughes.

When have we ever seen anything like this?

It's like the proverbial car crash. I know I shouldn't stare, but I can't look away.
The world has had enough of you. Even your own brother has had enough.

Who's to blame, George? You? The sycophants around you who tell you what you want to hear? Or the ordinary people who watched all this happening in slow motion for the past six years and did nothing?

The truth is, George, that History will not be kind to any of you.


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