December 20, 2006

Growing The Military, Grabbing The Oil, and Wagging The Dog

Gandhi blows his top after being called a bigot at RTS:
If Dubya thinks …(etc) .. he’s living in an alternative universe…
Or maybe he is just stalling for time. And maybe his declared goals of WMDs and “Terrrsts” and “spreading Democracy” and “victory” have always just been an ever-shiftin PR farce to hide the real, un-changing agenda: permanent US military bases and control of Iraq’s oil reserves.

And maybe we all just keep following the “story” that Bush and Cheney have planted in the media, and even parrotting their talking points, memes and loaded expressions (”war on terror”, “Coalition of the Willing”, etc).

And maybe it is just not possible to have an intelligent discussion about this stupid, murderous war on those terms.


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