December 08, 2006

Spinning Towards Infinity

This whole Iraq War has always been a war of domestic US propaganda. It remains so.

From the start, when they created their PNAC document dreaming of a 9/11-style event to swing the nation’s mood their way, the neocons knew that the real “enemy” in this war would be US public opinion.

These people think SPIN is the answer to every political problem, even a foreign war. Nothing has changed. As Bush himself says, "the only way" the US can lose is if they withdraw. US soldiers’ lives, Iraqi lives and taxpayers’ money are infinitely renewable resourcees.

As long as there are not thousands of protestors circling the White House 24/7, the US will remain in Iraq, US-based Big Oil will control Iraq’s oil and the US military will maintain their permanent bases, a key foothold in the Middle East.

Things are even worse than you think, folks. Don’t believe the hype about withdrawal. These people have too much to lose, and too much to win.

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