March 01, 2006

Take My Country - Puh-lease!

Did Wolfowitz just wire some funds to the neocons' Bagdad account? Ali Fadhil is posting again at Free Iraqi:
Can the Americans stop the political process and assume full control again to deal with all those criminals and start building everything again in a way that allow more sane voices more room than fanatic ones? Almost impossible but to be honest that's what many Iraqis think is the best solution. I've heard it from many people saying, "This was all a mistake. We're not ready yet. We don't know what democracy is and the Americans should rule for 10 or 20 more years before they allow Iraqis to take control" I don't agree with this totally but I always thought that things in Iraq were moving faster than they should.
Selected from the comments:
Ali, Your last post was very insightful. I think that a civil war might just be what is needed. I would have to actually say a limited civil war...

We probably want to establish a military base over in your country. It's high time that the shitbirds meet Allah regardless of their ethnic sect...

I'd really hate for a civil war to break out. I'd feel bad that this would be the one thing (as you know how historians are) historians would remember us for doing in our liberation of your country. If you guys want us to do this all out, tell us. What I mean by that is, if you want Muqatada-al Sadr all his people in the Mehdi Army, the Badr birgades, all the Sunni terrorists, and anyone else gone, tell us.

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