March 06, 2006

How We Can Save America: A Practical Solution

Ben Frank at Collective Bellaciao suggests that a networked group of 435 ordinary, honest citizens (not partisan Democrats) should campaign for Congress this year.

The idea is not as silly as it many sound: such a network could share resources to keep costs down, and use the Net as a cheap online platform to make their voices heard.
Seriously, I’m looking for 434 people just like myself, I’ll run for Alaska’s seat to replace Bush yes-man Don Young. I’m looking for 434 people that will quit their jobs, that will ask their friends and family to stop watching tv, boycott movies and entertainment for the next 8.5 months- to dedicate their lives to saving America...

The premise of my argument is that the American People are not stupid, merely uniformed. They have not been given a real choice in years. EVERYONE knows ’the system’ is f*@%ed, but nobody knows what to do about it. Well here is the answer- run for Congress.
The key point here is that even if such a network did not actually WIN any seats, it could still make news, raise important issues, and even pressure the Democrats to act with a bit more integrity and honour. Ben has already set up a Website.

Imagine if someone like Atrios or Kos got behind such a move? Actually, they would both make pretty good candidates...

Oh, and the job in Congress pays $160,000 a year!

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