March 08, 2006

We Fight, We Fight, We Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight...

I am getting lots of hits from the US Army today (no, not those kinds of hits!) so I thought it would be a good idea to link to the Band of Brothers website.

For those who don't know what it's about, there are increasing numbers of disillusioned US military personnel now coming home to challenge for a political seat.

The movement has now grown so strong that Kos is featuring a new Fighting Democrat profile every Tuesday. From today's post:
ANDREW HORNE, clear-eyed, clean-cut and ramrod straight, never wanted to be a politician. But then something happened to the Marine Reserves lieutenant colonel who once supported the invasion of Iraq. He was sent to fight there.

It was an experience that turned him vehemently against President Bush and a war he now believes can never be won definitively.

"Iraq is a symptom of what's wrong with this Administration," Mr Horne told The Times over coffee near his Kentucky law office.

"It's hubristic. It's wedded to political cronyism. It hides the truth. It ignores advice. I want to go to Washington to be part of a solution."

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