March 04, 2006

Wolfowitz's World Bank: Let Them Eat Words

You know a neo-con has taken over the World Bank when their latest reports says we should stop giving food to starving children:
Nutritionists at the bank say programs should emphasise changing the behaviour of mothers - for example, to breastfeed exclusively for the first six months and to seek quick treatment for their children's diarrhoea and other common childhood illnesses, rather than directly providing food.

Providing school-aged children with nutrition education, iron supplements and deworming medicines are better ways to improve nutrition than simply providing them with meals, the report says.

The report's chief author, Meera Shekar, said feeding programs were costly and vulnerable to corruption, with publicly provided food too easily given to better-off people or siphoned off to be sold.

"You get more bang for your buck without the food," she said. "The food brings in votes for politicians. We have very little evidence it improves nutrition."
Got that? Food does not improve nutrition!!!

And children should be deprived of food because that's the best way to stop government corruption. Because those silly government cronies would never think of scamming money from an education-based funding program.

And mothers like this should be breast-feeding for 6 months or more:

No more wishy-washy, left-wing nonsense, please!
Advocates of feeding programs say that food can be a magnet that draws mothers and children to centres where nutrition counselling is offered and that nutritious food provided early enough in life can also help.

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