April 21, 2006

33 More Months Of Bush?

Bravo, Greg Mitchell. The E&P publisher says the USA now faces A Crisis Almost Without Equal but there are precious few ideas on the table:
... rather than push impeachment for partisan reasons, the Democrats will actually put it off -- for partisan reasons. An unpopular president helps their drive for votes in November, and everything else is secondary.
He quotes Thomas Friedman in the NYT:
“If ours were a parliamentary democracy, the entire Bush team would be out of office by now, and deservedly so. ... But ours is not a parliamentary system, and while some may feel as if this administration's over, it isn't. So what to do? We can't just take a foreign policy timeout.”
So what should the "World's GReatest Democracy" (self-titled, obviously) do?
I don’t have a solution myself now, although all pleas for serious probes, journalistic or official, of the many alleged White House misdeeds should be heeded. But my point here is simply to start the discussion, and urge that the media, first, recognize that the crisis—or, if you want to say, impending crisis -- exists, and begin to explore the ways to confront it.


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