April 10, 2006

And Here's To You, Brian Lee Patterson!

Truth is, there should be millions of angry Americans leaping across the White House fence.

The reporting of this little story is illuminating. Initial reports cited an unidentified intruder shouting "inaudible" things and - horror of horrors! - he was "bearded"! Initial reports also described him as "dishevelled" but I thought he looked OK on the TV news this morning.

Personally, I thought the "God Bless America" shirt said it all!

Apparently Mr Patterson shouted that he was a "victim of terrorism" and he had "intelligence information for the president". I assume he considers himself a victim of his own US government's Orwellian state "terrorism", and his "intelligence" is probably aimed at setting Dubya on the right course (despite the evidence to the contrary, some White House critics still seems to assume that Dubya was not in the know on lots of dodgy decisions).

This is the fourth time Mr. Patterson has jumped the fence. Considering that the last person who tried it was shot, that's quite a serious commitment to his own personal vision of patriotism!

This is also the second major security incident at the Bush White House in little more than two weeks. Let's all hope it's a sign of things to come (NB: despite how this incident was reported, it was a completely PEACEFUL AND NON-VIOLENT PROTEST!).


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