April 06, 2006

Smearing Chavez

Buzzflash reader Leigh Saavedra: Disinformation Campaign Against Hugo Chavez Goes Nu-ku-lar:
The article was a little heady for me, so I skimmed, was choking in hysteria by the time I got to: "Per the Miami Herald: 'The greater threat to our nation's security comes not from Dubai and its pro-Western government, but from Venezuela, where software engineers with links to the leftist anti-American regime of Hugo Chavez are programming electronic voting machines that will soon power U.S. elections'."

I'm not kidding. The attached URL is proof.
So now Chavez is (allegedly) supplying uranium to Iran (why? it's not like he needs the money) and seeking to bring left-wingers to power in the USA (who? the Dems are hardly Chavez-style socialists!). The US media must be called out on these baseless fabrications.


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